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At last Dr Hywel Francis MP Sits Up And Takes Notice.

At last Dr Hywel Francis MP Sits Up And Takes Notice.

Yesterday Linda and one of her many supporters held a meeting in the offices of Dr Hywel Francis MP, ( pictured above ) Linda's Member Of Parliament who also happens to be Chair of the  Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights.

Although I was not allowed into the meeting the following article is based on the extensive notes that were taken by James who was more than capable in offering support to Linda.

Dr Francis had been involved in the early days of Linda's fight but had stopped assisting Linda as he was reluctant to do so due to him believing that the injunction placed on what had happened to Linda was valid in law.

This is no longer the case.

It was made abundantly clear to Dr Francis and his case worker Mr Les Rees that new evidence had come to light.

The question was put to Dr Francis.

" Were you aware in 2002 from the letters that you sent me that a supposed " Suicide Pact " stating that I was going to kill myself and my daughter was the reason that my daughter was taken from my care ? "

Dr Francis was astounded by what Linda had just stated and replied

"Absolutely not. If I had known this then I would certainly have told you."

This was confirmed by Les Rees a former Magistrate who Linda has known and got on very well with for many years.

So it appears that the non existent letter invented by the former Welsh Assembly Government  Inspector of Social Services David Johnston ( pictured above ) was deliberately hidden from the local MP but obviously WAS available to criminal members of Neath Port Talbot Council Social Services and others within that local authority.

Dr Francis then suggested that based on this evidence Linda should immediately go back into court to have all restrictions and injunctions lifted.

This suggestion was rejected by Linda as that the responsibility now lay firmly in the hands of the Welsh Assembly Government to do so as she had done no wrong.

This fraudulent and wholly criminal injunction had been obtained by the Welsh Assembly Government in collusion with Neath Port Talbot Social Services as well as the Councils Legal Department and it is their responsibility to put this right.

Both Dr Francis and Les Rees accepted what Linda had just said and agreed.

Linda then went on to mention that she has a letter from a well known Queens Council ( who for the moment shall remain unnamed  ) who has now retired and finished her career as a Deputy High Court Judge who states that when she represented Linda in court in 1998 she was UNAWARE of any " suicide pact " and had NO KNOWLEDGE of such evidence.

I don't think I really need to say that Dr Francis and Les Rees were gobsmacked by this.

Dr Francis asked to be provided with a copy of this letter to which Linda agreed when she can obtain a copy from one of her many supporters who hold all evidence on disc.

Linda then presented a few pages from the " Guardian Ad Litems Report " from 1998 of which Linda had never seen  until an anonymous source ( with a conscience ) placed it through Linda's letterbox in August last year.

Whoever you are " God Bless You."

For those of you who do not know this.

The role of the "Guardian Ad Litem " is meant to be totally independent. This person is supposed to assess all the evidence without influence from those involved and is supposed to act in the best interests of the child. The Guardian Ad Litem can only be appointed by the court.

We also have documents from Dr Dewi Evans ( pictured above ) stating that " It was about time WE appointed a Guardian Ad Litem."

Due also to his continued misdiagnosis of Linda's daughters illness Dewi Evans would have been part of a substantial medical negligence claim which had already been started by Linda's family.

No wonder Dr Dewi Evans was so desperate to remove Linda's daughter from her care by hook or by crook so that the medical negligence claim could be quashed.

Dr Dewi Evan we also believe was at the time of the kidnapping also an elected Councillor on Neath Port Talbot Council ( West Glamorgan Council as it was then known ) ! Conflict of interests anyone ?

Surely Councillor Doctor Dewi Evans would have not abused his position on the council to obtain documents from the then Head of Social Services or the " Child Kidnapper " Julie Rzezniczek" to enhance his position would he ?

Dr Dewi Evans role in what has happened to Linda and her daughter borders on the psychotic.

Let's not forget that amongst other things he wrote out a report on Linda Lewis claiming that she was " Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy " when he had never met her.

He also attended court in South Wales when Linda was quite legally in America asking for an " Interim Care Order " on the grounds that Linda was Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy" !   

Back to the " Guardian Ad Litem " Carole Thomas.

I don't think that any sane person could say that she acted in a " neutral " capacity or had the best interests ever of the child at heart.

Just look at the heart breaking letter smuggled out to Linda by her very sick 12 year old daughter dated June 1998 months before any court case had taken place to make a decision on the child's future.

How could Carole Thomas be so cruel ?

Just read the text on the left of the letter above.

" I told the guardian that I am still in pain and I wanted to speak to the judge and want to go home. She told me no and she said who's going to believe you know ? " 

It is obvious that Carole Thomas was there to do a job on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government and Neath Port Talbot Council Social Services to fabricate evidence against innocent mother Linda Lewis so that her daughter could be taken from her care , never be returned to stop the on-going medical negligence case against Dr Dewi Evans and others. 

To add insult to injury Carole Thomas recommended in her report to Lord Justice Sumner KT in 1998 that Linda's daughter be removed from her care because Linda was going to kill her.

She asked the judge to impose not just an injunction on this case so that the crimes committed by the many could remain hidden but a Section 91(14) Order which is also known as a " Never Ending Story Order " was placed on Linda.

Probably the most " Draconian Injunction " out there meaning that anytime Linda went into court to appeal against this injunction she was always going to lose because of the Section 91(14) Order.

Full information on a Section 91(14) Order can be read by clicking here but it is worth noting the following :-

"Authority is clear that the court should not make a barring order unless both parties have been given advance warning and an opportunity to tell the court what they think about the suggestion, particularly if they do not have a lawyer."

I would imagine it would be a bit difficult for Linda or her QC to argue against this considering they were never allowed sight of the Guardian Ad Litems report.

A lot more was said at the meeting specifically about the criminal activities of Mr David Michael, The Head Of Legal Services at Neath Port Talbot Council who knowingly applied for another injunction against Linda Lewis in 2008 with full knowledge that he had no lawful paperwork to back it up.

More on this in a later article.

After all these years at last people are realising that this is indeed a very serious " Criminal Case."

Over to you Carwyn Jones.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Neath Port Talbot Social Services allow Paedophile to abuse four children

Authorities failed south Wales paedophile abuse victims

A report into how a paedophile was able to abuse four children over a period of many years has found failings by the authorities.

Staff showed a "lack of urgency" and did not follow procedures, even though the children tried to report the abuse.

The review follows the man's conviction for abusing the children in 2009.

The Neath Port Talbot Safeguarding Children Board has apologised to the children involved.

When in 2007 allegations of multiple rapes of four children were made it took over a year for the abuser to be arrested by South Wales Police. He is now serving a life sentence.

The children suffered serious sexual abuse and were let down by all of the agencies who should have protected them” Tony Clements of Neath Port Talbot Safeguarding Children Board.

The report makes over 60 recommendations to improve training, communication and procedures. Neath Port Talbot, Caerphilly and Pembrokeshire councils, as well as South Wales Police, were all involved in the case.

The independent review looked at the three councils.

'Sincere public apology'

Tony Clements, chairman of the board, said: "On behalf of everyone involved, I want to say how very sorry we are.

"Today, we make a sincere public apology to each of these children. The children suffered serious sexual abuse and were let down by all of the agencies who should have protected them.

"The safeguarding children boards involved in this review fully accept all of the recommendations and are committed to protecting the most vulnerable children in our society.

All of the agencies are working hard to make sure we are meeting the highest standards expected of us."

These children tried to speak out on a number of occasions but they weren't listened to and their calls for help were not heard”

Keith Towler, the children's commissioner for Wales said ,

"The children were let down "because the agencies failed to get the basics right"
"The report details how the lack of knowledge and understanding of roles and lack of communication between the 46 agencies who were involved at various times had led to four vulnerable children being left to suffer in silence.

"These children tried to speak out on a number of occasions but they weren't listened to and their calls for help were not heard. We cannot allow this to happen again."

Mr Towler is a member of the National Safeguarding Forum, and he said it was looking urgently at implementing changes.

Deputy Minister for Social Services Gwenda Thomas was "very saddened and distressed to read about the abuse and neglect that these children had to endure over many years and of its impact on their lives".

She has met the councils and police forces involved and said she "stressed to them the importance of them working together to address the concerns raised swiftly".

"Whilst, sadly, we have to accept that we will never eradicate all abuse, this is a door that will never be finally closed and I remain determined to take whatever action I can to ensure that children living in Wales can grow up in families and communities which will not tolerate abuse of children in any form," said Mrs Thomas.

Hywel Francis and Brian Gibbons, the MP and AM respectively for Aberavon, said they welcomed the acknowledgement by Neath Port Talbot social services of failures, and a willingness to "subject its own performance to diligent scrutiny".

"This is an important first step in making sure the important lessons of this case are learned."

Imelda Richardson Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) said ". "If there's one overriding message to take from this case, it is that society has a moral as well as a legal duty to look out for young children to listen to them.” She also says that the victims were "let down by the professional services who have a duty to protect children."

The CSSIW is taking various steps, including an inspection of safeguarding children boards.

The souce of this story can be read in full at

Please listen to the video and note the words of Gwenda Thomas AM who is up to her neck in the cover up that resulted in the "Illegal Kidnapping" of Lindas daughter at gunpoint from her hospital bed in America. She says

"There are evil people who live within our society who are prepared to do all manner of things to children to abuse them in the most awful way."

Damn right you are Gwenda.

You are one of them as well as the others who's names are highlighted above.

You all know what you are covering up.

You are all " Evil to the Core."

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Brian Gerrish of the UK Column speaks on TV about the " Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign."

There is a little bit more than just the above video.

Brian Gerrish first mentions Lindas case after about 7 minutes into the link below.

and then for about the first 4 minutes of the following link.

There are thousands of equally tragic cases out there but NONE who have all the evidence to prove what has happened apart from this one.

The two local politicians Hywel Francis MP and Dr Brian Gibbons AM are both aware of this case and both are " deliberately aiding in covering up this case."They know that Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services acted illegally when they "kidnapped" Linda's 11 year old daughter at gunpoint from her hospital bed in America using a false and illegal passport.

Both have seen the evidence. Both have a "duty of care" to represent their constituent Linda Lewis.

Both run a mile when asked about this case, neither should be allowed to hold "Public Office."

Both should be in jail.

Dr Hywel Francis removed documentation from Linda Lewis and placed it into his office safe in front of witnesses obviously thinking that Linda Lewis had no other copies. WHAT A FOOL !

Dr Brian Gibbons was shown an X-Ray by Linda Lewis where he CORRECTLY diagnosed that Linda's daughter had "Zollinger Ellisons." This proves that Linda's daughter was indeed seriously ill despite Dr Dewi Evans and others stating that her " pain was imaginary ! "

Even more damning is that during the General Election Campaign Linda approached Dr Gibbons and said " Brian, You know that If I had given my daughter the 80mgs of Oral Morphine then my daughter would have been dead in the morning."

In front of witnesses he answered " Yes."

What type of men are these two to let this happen to an innocent mother and her family but most importantly to Linda's daughter who is now 24 years and still under the care of Social Services paid operatives.?

Quite simply "Scum."

Should anyone wish to contact the above guilty parties their email addresses are and

But some words of warning they will not give you a straight answer.

They will hide behind the following.

"There is an injunction on this case I cannot comment." Or "I cannot comment as there is an injunction in place to protect the childs identity."

Two points.

1 - No injunction can be taken out to cover up criminal actions as per our evidence. This is an illegal injunction issued by a bent judge to protect the guilty and prevent them from facing justice.

2 - What child ? Linda's daughter is now 24, an adult and this is no longer an issue for the family courts.

The only people that they wish to protect is themselves for their terrible part in covering up this tragic and evil case !

Remember we have all the evidence.

Good Luck


Monday, 21 June 2010

Welcome to our new Blogspot.

This site has been set up on behalf of the " Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign. "
The true and harrowing story of a 12 year old child "illegally removed " or "Kidnapped " at gunpoint from her hospital bed in America by agents from Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services using a false passport to cover up for medical negligence in South Wales in 1998.
Today Miss Lewis daughter is aged 24.
As a living,walking,talking witness to the extreme cruelty that she has suffered she is still being controlled by Social Services and the medical profession who do not want her reunited with her loving and caring family.
The evidence which has been carefully documented by the Lewis family has now been distributed on disc worlwide and is ready to be released when the time is right.
Corrupt Lawyers,Judges,Politicians,Doctors,Social Workers have all lied and conspired to block this case from entering a " Criminal Court " where the over whelming evidence held by us would expose them all for what they have done.
A lifelong injunction has been placed on this case to prevent the evidence from coming out and you the public seeing it.
A completely innocent Mother Linda Lewis has been threatened with immediate arrest and jail if any of her evidence is ever made public.
Despite this with Miss Lewis authority we will be releasing the evidence in due course.